TH2E Ethernet sensor temperatuur

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The TH2E is able to measure temperature, humidity and calculate dew point. Measured-out values can be viewed via WEB browser. TH2E is capable to communicate via many standardized protocols, which makes it an ideal component for further integration to an existing system. Many of TCP/IP family protocols are supported. Available are for example: TCP data channel, SNMP and ModBus protocols, e-mail sending, HTTP GET and POST automatic sending to a remote server. Measured-out values and settings parameters are also available in XML formatetc.All settings can be adjusted via WEB interface. Brief help pops up for all parameters. WEB interface is available in Czech and English.



  • Measures relative humidity in range 0 % to 100 %. 
  • Measures temperature in range -40 to +123,8 °C or -55 to +125,0 °C. 
  • Calculates dew point. 
  • Converts temperature in several temperature units. 
  • Saves measured-out values in an internal memory with capacity of 10 000 records (Values remain saved even if the power goes down) 
  • Extreme values memory function – TH2E saves minimal and maximal measured-out value from all quantities. 
  • Connects and communicates via computer network (Ethernet). 
  • Data transfer via TCP/IP protocols (10/100 Ethernet). 
  • WEB based Configuration. 
  • Powered from 5 V to 30 V (Wall-plug adaptor included). 
  • DIN rail mountable.


Viewing Measurments

  • Internal WEB server with current readings
  • Small WEB page meant to be displayed in a mobile phone or PDA.
  • Multiple TH2E readings can be displayed on a single WEB page
  • Automatic e-mail sending when pre-set thresholds are overrun
  • Sending measured-out values via TCP data channel (as a string in Celsius degrees)
  • Communication via Spinel protocol over TCP data channel
  • SNMP protocol
  • ModBus TCP protocol.
  • Automatic temperature sending via HTTP GET request.
  • Automatic sending of the memory content via HTTP POST in XML format.
  • Measured-out values and all settings easily accessible in XML format.


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